Our programs

  • Our programs

    YPF works to put programs instead of events, where there is a particular procedure that has inputs and outputs for each program to make sure you leave a positive impact in the community through the Palestinian leaders and their role in society.

  • Generations

    (Generations Program) aims to create a generation of young people able to bear the responsibility and prepare them to play a leading role in the forum programs, and this is done through the establishment of training workshops in various disciplines and that of their role to develop the skills and abilities of the members of the forum and enable them to work in a professional way.

  • Ambition

    (Ambition Program) aims for the rehabilitation of secondary school students for admission to the best universities, through the work of field visits to schools to introduce the disciplines of various university and contribute to instruct students to determine their future career, commensurate with their ambitions, as the program works to refine the talent during their time at university to be leaders in their workplaces.


The Youth President Forum organizes a workshop on promoting youth participation in local elections.

  • Young Parliamentary

    Is the first program of its kind in Palestine, which aims to enable young people to express their opinions and engage in open dialogue about social issues that affect them. The program includes educational and training courses in the fields of management and leadership, organizational and etiquette of dialogue and expresses their views and professionalism at work, also includes interactive workshops and a visit to the Legislative Council..

  • work to achieve the following objectives:

    - Building the capacity of young people and prepare them for leadership in various sectors and strengthen the cooperation between Palestinian youth and youth associations and institutions, international and Arab.

    - Highlight and discover talented young and who have creative energies and work on the development of competencies of the Palestinian youth and talent to help them achieve their ambitions.

    - Leisure investments in young people to develop knowledge and develop their skills to help them practice the leading role of youth in leadership

    - Develop a spirit of cooperation and citizenship, values and ethics among young people in Palestinian society

    - Enable young people to exercise their leadership role in the community in order to achieve social justice.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”